About Us

We’re flipping the renovation model

Remodelling is never easy, and it’s rarely fun. We created Dreamie to change that.

Dreamie is answering a problem many homeowners have been through – how do you get started on the process of home renovation?

Every homeowner has a vision for their home that they’ve seen in a magazine, but turning those into a reality can be intimidating. How would that design work in your space? How do you find a contractor, and a good one at that, who’ll charge you a fair price?

Then there’s the frustration for the contractor you choose if your designer has set unrealistic expectations. It’s easy to see why many remodel dreams remain, well, dreams. 

Dreamie changes all of that. Your remodel dreams become fast-tracked and soon you’ll be living the dreamie reality in your home made your own.

We were founded by a team of contractors and designers that have helped homeowners remodel for decades. Now we’re using technology to improve the remodel process for everyone.

We’re based in San Francisco and backed by top venture capitalists