Visualize materials in your space

No more guesswork. Instantly visualize different materials in a space and get cost estimates for your selected materials.

Select a sample space and explore our material picker

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How to use the material picker

Inside of the interactive model for the spaces, you’ll see circular blue icons on top of some of the surfaces. Clicking on it will give you a curated set of options for materials.

The surface will update when you click on any of those materials to show you what exactly that material would look like on that surface.

With the material picker, you no longer have to guess what a material or color will look like in a particular space. You can mix and match finishes between walls, flooring, countertops, and cabinetry. You will be able to fully visualize it with Dreamie.

What materials are shown

We have curated materials from various brands we trust that represent a wide range of styles, textures and prices. When you share your stylistic preferences with us during the remodel request process, we select curated materials in your preferred style that we think you might like and share those in the material picker for your specific home.

Visualize Your Remodel

No more guess work

Dreamie doesn’t just provide interior design inspiration but helps you visualize different options so you can confidently remodel your home knowing exactly what it will look like when construction is completed and how much the materials will cost.

Work with Dreamie to select the perfect materials for your home

When you submit your remodel request on Dreamie, we’ll ask for your style preferences and for a simple scan of your home. Depending on your location, you could request for someone on the Dreamie team to come and scan your home.

Once we have your home scan, we’ll create a 3D model and design the remodel changes you want to make with our recommended materials from brands we trust that you can visualize in your exact space. We will even give you additional materials that match your style preferences that you can try out in the 3D model of your space.