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Feb 17, 2023

Home Remodeling 101: When to Know if You Need a Structural or Civil Engineer for a Home Remodel

Home Remodeling 101: When to Know if You Need a Structural or Civil Engineer for a Home Remodel

Are you looking to remodel your home, but unsure if you need the help of a structural or civil engineer? Knowing when to seek professional advice is key before beginning any major renovation project. 

Here are some tips on when you should hire either a structural or civil engineer during your home remodel: 

Structural Engineer:

If your project involves demolition, modifying existing load-bearing walls, or making any sort of changes that require removing parts of the home’s structure then it’s best to consult a structural engineer. They can provide detailed plans for framing and reinforcement and verify whether the existing beams and other components have sufficient strength to support additional weight from new walls and floors. 

Civil Engineer:

A civil engineer is necessary if your project includes making changes to stormwater systems, outdoor drainage, walkways or driveways. They will assess the site layout as well as local building codes and soil conditions that could affect the design of any new structures or features. They can also make recommendations on how to minimize runoff from rainwater or reduce erosion from slopes in order to protect surrounding property. 

So, the short answer is: you need a structural engineer for your home remodel if you’re moving walls or changing the structure of the house, and you need a civil engineer if you’re changing anything external, including the footprint of the home, drainage or water systems, and the driveway.

Hiring both a structural and civil engineer can help ensure that your home remodeling project meets both local building codes and safety standards set by the government so that you avoid costly mistakes down the line. Taking these precautionary measures can save time and money upon completion of the project as well as provide peace of mind knowing that everything was done safely and correctly!